20 Guaranteed Sings: Your Male Friend Have Love Feelings for You

Do you want to know the sign of someone likes you secretly? How do you know your male friend have love feelings for you? What is the sign that a boy loves you? Do you want to know 20 apparent signs that your friend likes you?


Hey there, If you have any doubts that your friend likes you secretly, this article can help you to confirm your thought. So, read this article and make sure your friend is really weak to you?

Let's dive into deep…

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Your Male Friend Have Love Feelings for You

Your Male Friend Have Love Feelings for You


A friend is that person in thousands of people- who has a bonding with our heart. And that's why it's not uncommon for friendships to turn into love. You may think him just a friend, but he may think you a little more than that. In most cases, the friend never discloses it.

This person may love you, but don't express his feelings in his mouth. He always stays on your side in good and bad times, trying to keep you happy. If you have a friend like that, be careful.

Does he just think of you as a friend? Or like you secretly, Notice that. There are some signs that you can see. You will understand your friend is actually in love with you or not. Let's find out about those symptoms-


20 Signs: You Will Understand That Your Friend Likes You Or Not


1-He Take Care Of You: The word care is small but meaningful. If you don't take care of transparent glass, it will become cloudy soon. Taking care is very important for every relationship to move the relationship forward.


Care can also be taken in any minor matter, such as whether you are constantly looking for bad news or carrying an umbrella in the rain. All this is a part of care. I want to know if you have eaten by texting in the morning and afternoon. Now try to understand if your friend is taking care of you.


Does he take care of your everything? Does he visit you again and again when you are sick? Is he worried about any of your problems? When you see these behavior in him, understand that he likes and loves you.


2-Listen To You Carefully: The person who likes you will be greatly impressed by your every word. He will listen to you with great interest no matter what you say. All you have to do now is take a look at how your friend is listening to you, whether excited or discouraged!


However, this time the eyes are very important. When he is listening to you, his eyes should be on you. If he is looking at you, you need to understand it well. Because we always pay close attention to anyone if we like or love him. Is your friend listen to your every word very carefully? Then you can accept that he wants you. He cares about you because he loves you.


3-Sharing Everything Openly: We share everything that happens in our life with a special person. We share with someone we like. We will be happy to share everything with him. And it's clear to say, we trust him.


If it matches, it means that your friend has accepted you as a place of trust. For example, what he did all day or what he likes or dislikes all day, he shared with you. Now you have to understand that your friend is giving you a lot of importance.


4-Believe In You: The most important thing in any relationship is the word faith. Now you need to understand Is your friend believes you?


Trust can be any type. For example, this friend has started to tell you something important about his life. He may not have told anyone else so effortlessly before. If it matches, then he has started believing in you.


If it's friendship or love, the basis of both is faith. If that friend shares his personal affairs with you, he thinks of you as his own.


5- Love To Spend Time With You: If you feel like that guy likes to spend time with you. Then you will understand how much that friend likes you. Does he hurt if you don't meet with him someday? Is he always request to meet?


He likes you if he is always interested in spending time with you. He feels weak when he doesn't see you. You have to understand he has love feelings for you.


6- Dislike When Seeing You With Someone: Does your friend get jealous when he sees you talking to other boys? Does he hurt or upset when you meet someone else? He can't stand you next to anyone else.


If you see such behavior, you can understand that he likes you. Therefore, if he sees you next to someone else, he cannot take it easy. In the case of this jealousy, both men and women are equal. No one wants to let their loved one by someone else. Everyone wants to protect their loved ones like themselves.


7- Praise You: We like everything about this person we love. When your friend starts liking you, he will appreciate your every habit, every behavior. He will start praising you for your everything. Friends praise us very little.


If that friend is different, there must be another reason behind it. When a friend starts this behavior, you have to understand that he has begun to love you. We love the person we like most. He loves you because he likes your everything.


8-Wait For Your Response: Waiting for a phone call or message is also a way to know anyone like you. When we spend time with loved ones, those times are very important to us. Sometimes we say that this is a very precious time in our life.


We continue to miss this time in his absence. Exactly, you didn't receive your friend's morning phone call whether he's calling again later, to talk to you. Or whether he is waiting for your phone.


If sometimes you cannot receive his phone, does he want to know why you didn't pick up the phone? Is the say something like this 'I was waiting for your phone? These aspects of waiting need to be thoroughly verified. And if he is waiting for your phone or message, understand that he likes you very much.


9- Want To Know You Deeply: When we like someone, we want to know the person from the inside. What was the person's childhood, all his habits, all the details? How does a person spend his leisure time or who is in his house, etc.? This person we like, we are highly interested to know these things.


When your friend wants to know you deeply or tries to know you in different ways. He will be more interested in everything you need and don't need. If you look like this, you must understand that he likes you.

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10- Giving Preference To Your Likes And Dislikes: The person who likes you must priorities your likes and dislikes. What color clothes do you like? What do you like to eat? These issues will start to dominate in daily life.


For example, your favorite color is yellow; when he comes in front of you, he will wear a yellow dress. He will also order your favorite foods when he goes out to eat with you. You will see your favorite things in his daily life. Sometimes he will want to know your likes and dislikes. If you see this, you have to understand that he likes you in his heart.


11- Attitude To Help You: It is important to note that the person on the other side of the covenant is always ready to help you. When we start liking someone, we don't want to see them in any problem.


So, we always ask him to tell us any problem without hesitation. Now, if you realize that the person opposite you has always extended a helping hand to you, then understand that he likes you very much.


12- Coming Fast When You Call: He comes to you as soon as you call. Get him by your side whenever you need him. If you call at any time, he will drop everything and give you priority. Your work is more important than his work. All in all, he can't ignore you anytime. If that happened then, you would know that he like you.


13- Say Himself Single: Calling yourself single is a very obvious sign. This means he is already telling you that he needs someone. If a friend often calls himself single in the middle of a conversation, understand that he likes you.


The reason for presenting himself single in front of you is so that you can understand him. Indeed, he likes you if you have any such symptoms.


14- Gentle Touch: Take a look at how many times his body is touched with your hand or shoulder. He wants to express his love for you by touching you. He wants to be very close to you because he likes you.


You can often get his touch because of being close to you. If this is the case, maybe your close friend likes you very much.


15- Wants To Spend Personal Time: Has your friend been showing a little more interest lately? Want to know what you are doing by calling or texting, even on holidays? Then his great interest in you is born. He wants to take special care of you.


Is he request you to meet on your holiday? Want to hang out with you? When he goes around, he just wants to be with you; then, you can understand that he has a weakness for you.


16- Feels Hesitant To Hug: We can hug someone just to express friendship and good wishes. But does he hug you for more than a few moments? Fear works on his face when he hugs you?


Then maybe his feelings for you are a bit different. His heartbeat will increase a lot if he is very close to you. Now you need to understand; you are a special person to him.


17- Looks At You: Does your friend look at you a little more nowadays? And another thing came to light in that gesture of hid looking. Does a friend see you in secret? The language of the eyes may mean something to you. If something happens like this, understand what he is trying to tell you.


18- Never Say No To Anything: He always tries his best to keep your any request. He is always ready to help you. If he is too busy, he may not be able to keep your request sometimes. But most of the time, he tries to honor your request.


Your importance to him is much greater. If you see this, you need to understand that he tries to catch your attention.


19- Stays By Your Side: It is normal to find a friend next to a friend. But being by his side is a little different for you. Suppose you texted him at midnight; he will reply to you right away.


You don't have to tell him separately about your sadness; he will understand automatically. He will be by your side in any situation. If this is the case, then maybe your friend loves you.


20- Sometimes He Wants To Express: We chat with friends and discuss various issues. But your friend may have said something in the chat that shows his extra love for you. He may be looking at you. He can ever send you a message of love. Some of his behavior will reveal his love for you.


Love comes in everyone's life, some people express it, and some do not; that is the only difference. The first step in loving someone is to like the person first. You can like someone, but you have to know if they like you. This is the essence of a beautiful relationship.


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If You Understand That Your Friend Likes You, What You Should Do?


First thing, are you positive towards him? That is, do you like or love him? If so, explain to him that you love him. Stay by his side too. If possible, let him know that you love him too.


There is no need to hold your love untold. The two can become one if you like your friend. From friendship to love, relationships are more lasting. Our friends knows us in best ways.


Don't distinguish him from other friends if you think of him as a regular friend. It would be best if you created a little distance from him. It would help if you changed habits like calling him anytime, always taking his help, and spending extra time.

Explain to him through words that he is just a good friend of yours. Please do not put him in false hope unnecessarily. It will hurt him, and the friendly relationship between you will end later.



This is a whole post about how can you understand your male friend has to love feelings for you. In this article, I have shared a total of the top 20 obvious signs that your friend likes you or not.


Every idea given there should be based on years of research. If 7-8 of the statements presented here match your friend's behavior, he surely likes you.


If you have any confusion about your friend, I hope this article will help you. I think you like this article. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section. Don't forget to share this article with your friends.

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