20 Strong Reasons: Why a Relationship Breaking Up with Someone You Love

Why a relationship breaking up with someone you loved? Why would someone break up with someone they love? Reasons for breakup with someone you love? Why a good relationship breaks even after a lot of love? I think you have those questions in your mind that's why you are visiting this article.

Hey there, I know you are interested to know about this painful issue. I'm here to help you to learn the main problems about relationship breaking. I hope this post will help you to learn main mistakes and prevent breakups.

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Why a Relationship Breaking Up with Someone You Love

Why Relationships Breaking Up?

Many times, even if there is love, the relationship is not survived in the long term. Love can be broken even if mutual understanding is good. But why a lot of time the love relationship has to deal with challenges?

Many people have to leave the man they love because of their career or family. Emotions are defeated by many realistic logic and reasons. Because of sad reality, they got separated despite loving each other.

The Reasons For Breakups:

1) Lack Of Trust: The primary basis of the relationship is trust or confidence. No relationship can survive a long time without trust. Maybe you love your partner very much, but you cannot trust your lover. No matter how much you love your loved one, the relationship will never last.


Your love cannot be profound when the issue of distrust is clear. If there is no depth in love, it can break down for a while. If you love, you should trust your lover deeply.

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2) Different Plans: Let there be an exchange of love between people of two poles. If the plans of the couples are not consistent, the relationship will not last. For example, one wants to take higher education abroad, and the other wants to serve people from the country.

If two people don't get along, love will not go away no matter how good their relationship is. So do not plan for the future alone; consult with your partner and notice his likes and dislikes. Tell your dreams to the person you love. Dream your partner's dreams. This idea will strengthen your relationship.

3) Dislike from Partner's Family: Family is an important place for love in everyone's life. Even if your partner loves you, you often leave the relationship just because your family doesn't like your loved one.

To get close to you, your partner needs to have a good relationship with your family. If your family dislike your partner, you have to understand that the relationship will not go on.

Again, this same case will happen with you from your partner's family. Even if they dislike you, this love affair may end. Try to be loved by both family members. If the family of both likes the two of you, the relationship can successfully get married.

4) Unattractiveness: You can't just keep love in your mind. It also must be expressed in several ways. It is essential that the understanding between the two people is good. But if this understanding is not good, no matter how much love there is, the relationship will not progress.

When love becomes a few days older, the attraction towards many partners decreases. If your interest in your partner diminishes, this relationship has never been true love. The relationship with your partner was just a physical Attraction.

If there is no attraction in a relationship, that relationship will not last in the long term. So, learn to value your partner. You should try to like everything about your lover. Remember, physical attraction is just for a while, but Love is for a lifetime.

5) Dramatic: When the dramatic state of love has come, it can lead to a breakup. That's why if you have such a situation, it would be better not to have a relationship. Through drama, the partner becomes embarrassed and, at one point, begins to avoid.

As the faith in the relationship decreases, drama increases. When you start dramatizing your partner, then your partner will get into mental trouble. If you do not want to maintain the relationship, it is better to say it directly. There is no need to ruin the relationship dramatically.

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6) Communication: When someone is hidden from eyes, they are also hidden from the mind. You need to know the importance of this sentence. Try to understand the language of nature. Nature never likes empty space. The sentence is also true for any relationship.

So, if you go somewhere far away, keep in regular contact. Do not cut off the communication permanently. Spending time away from your partner without any communication will create distance in love.

Although it is not possible to be near directly, you can stay close through a mobile phone. Take a little care of your partner in the middle of your busyness. It is an expression of deep love. Remember, time is the most precious gift from a loved one. There is no substitute for giving each other time to keep the love alive.

7) Additional Criticism: The language of criticism is continuously researched in the world. Your personality depends on how you blame others. If you criticize your partner for no reason, the relationship will not last. If you do not respect him, your love for your lover is just affection. Affection will never last forever.

Try to respect your partner. Every people has a right to be respected and give it to others. If you respect your loved one, you will get respect from him. If you criticize, you will also face criticism, and your relationship will be ruining slowly.

Criticism and blaming each other introduces an unhealthy relationship. Psychologists have found that blaming each other is criticizing his personality. If this shift of blame continues for a long time, the relationship will not last long. Respect your partner to keep the love alive and strong.

If your partner is wrong, do not criticize him in front of everyone. It would be best if you secretly pointed out his mistakes. This habit will increase his trust and confidence in you. So, if you find fault in your partner, try to correct it without blaming him, then the relationship will be stronger. Avoid criticism of your partner to make the relationship deeper and sweeter.

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8) Cheating: This is one of the reasons for breaking up the relationship. Especially men want to be addicted to women whenever they get a chance. At first, it seems that your lover or wife will not notice it in any way. But one day, he/she will be found out. This is also a feature of nature. Any 'true event' that happens automatically comes to its original source!

It's not that, girls don't cheat. Girls also cheat about love. Some girls are always looking for a better option. People are afraid to fall in love with a few cheaters in the world. Don't cheat with your partner who trusts you.

The one you cheated on today and went to another person may cheat on you tomorrow. Remember, cheating on someone is cheating on yourself. That is the eternal truth. Even after love from the heart, the relationship is ruined due to the deception of the other.

9) Insult: Researchers have found that insults, neglect, contempt, and humiliation are the most common causes of breakup and divorce. Always value your partner. Do not neglect him and do not insult him in front of others. If you insult your partner continuously, the relationship deteriorates very quickly.

Respect your partner appropriately. Getting respect from loved ones is a big deal for everyone. Every people, big or small, has the right to be respected. Never insult and neglect your partner. If he/she make a mistake, explain the right thing.

If you scold your partner for his mistakes or insult in front of people, he/she will become vengeful for a while and will insult you too. Remember that lifelong love is valued more than a momentary insult.

10) Defensive Behavior: No man is above mistakes. The habit of not admitting one's faults or errors at all is defensive behavior. Making excuses after a mistake to hide the flaws is enough to ruin the relationship. This kind of behavior makes your inferiority worse. As a result, the love for the relationship decreases between your side and the other side.

So, stay transparent in the affair with your partner. If you can't be evident to each other, that relationship is fleeting. Don't create issues like behaving defensively in a relationship. Try to understand your partners mind better. Instead of trying to hide your faults, try to correct them by talking with him. This will increase trust in each other.

11) Extreme Caution: Just as excuses for self-defenses are not desirable in a good relationship, so caution is detrimental to a relationship. It is not suitable for a relationship to solve any problem by cutting off all communication.

For better or for worse, contact your partner. Maintain a transparent affair with your partner. If there is a problem with any issue, resolve it through discussion among yourselves. If there is a quarrel, do not cut off communication by creating distance.

People understand everything. He needs a little time and patience for proper understanding. If there is a problem between the two, do not cut off communication by being very careful.

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12) Cannot Accept the Partner in any way: This problem is usually more in the case of girls. Sometimes they do not know why they fell in love with their partner. As a result, they find out various flaws in a few days.

For example, they think their partner cannot speak correctly, while others feel that their partner does not understand them correctly. Even if someone's partner is not financially prosperous, problems arise.

Don't tarnish anyone's life to make your moment feel good. It is a crime to create a fake love in a boy's life to make you feel good. Remember that love and affection are not one thing. Love is an entirely different matter. If you think just a momentary Feelings for someone, please don't tell him I love you.

13) Excessive Demand: If there is excessive demand from the partner, love does not last at all. Every human being needs to have a limit of wanting and getting. Some people like to cheat their partners and get a lot of things done. It creates cracks in love and relation.

It is essential to know how much ability to keep your demand in your partner. Physical needs are also important for married couples. Consider the state of mind and body of the partner, then meet the physical requirements.

Do not force if the partner does not want sex. Suppose you force him to meet your need that will make him misunderstand you and make the relationship's future worse.

14) Trust and Faith: The basis of any relationship is trust and confidence. If there is no faith, Relationships never last. Those who change partners daily have no confidence in themselves. In a relationship, both of them need to have respect for each other.

The master key to any relationship is trust and confidence. If you can't trust your partner, how can you stay with him for a lifetime? If you can't trust your partner, your love for him is false. Trust and faith are the foundation of love. So, trust, keep the faith and love your loved one. Remember, no relationship survives on lies.

15) Problems of Communication: Many people think that it is the rule to talk all day long if they make love. But that's not right. Many do not speak properly with their partner. Never make a phone call or text. A lot of love is breaking up regularly for this mentality.

It is better to keep the right amount of communication with your lover. Excessive contact can be unbearable for a partner. Give freedom to your partner because everyone is as independent as himself. Excessive communication can be annoying to your partner.

On the other hand, lack of communication can make trouble in the affair. Keep in touch with your partner as much as possible so that there is no problem between the two of you.

16) Lack of Realism: Many people have a severe lack of realism. They like to float with a lot more emotion. They want to see life as a movie. He likes to hold out together with his partner all the time, choose walks, shopping, dine in restaurants, watch movies. But this is often not always well in this case.

Without money or establishment, love does not survive in a lifetime. Don't do anything excessive and not to floating in the sea of emotions because of love. Realize love from the heart.

Give time to your loved ones but do not harm your work. Do not do anything that will fall you into problems in daily life. Try to stay in reality with love. The world of imagination is beautiful. But reality can also be made beautiful if there is realism in you when you are in love.

17) Being Involved in Intoxication: Smoking and an excessive addiction to alcohol intoxication brings exhaustion, crazy and life. The family is affected by the impact of intoxication. No one wants to have a family with an intoxicated husband or wife. This consequence brings breakup and divorce in a relationship. Drunkenness lowers human values.

If the boyfriend or girlfriend is severely intoxicated, it is better not to have a relationship with him. You can give your partner a chance to get out of the world of drugs. You can cooperate from his side if he or she is interested. However, if drug addiction is more important to your partner than love, it is better to leave him immediately.

18) Inconsistency of Work: This speech is as accurate as falling in love, but not so much to sustain love. Even if we don't get along with ourselves at the beginning of the relationship, the other person's choice attracts us. But the rhythm cannot be kept for a long time. That's when the unrest grows, which can cause a breakup or divorce.

In this case, even if there is deep love, the chances of the relationship being ruined are much higher. You can plan to understand your partner better. To keep the relationship healthy, the two of you need to work together. Try to concentrate on your work and try to fewer opposites attract.

19) Trying to Control: Do not think of your loved ones as your property. Only his decision in his own life will get priority. Give your partner his freedom. If there is a possibility of harming someone else for his liberty, explain this issue.

Many people think that husband or wife is his rightful place. They should take control of their lives. Because of this bad attitude, his partner gradually moves away. Opacity also increases from annoyance. One of the biggest reasons for most divorces and breakups is trying to control the partner and make a limit in his life.

20) Financial Problems: Many people fall in love with their partner's financial situation. This thing is seriously a dirty habit. As the partner's financial situation improves and deteriorates, so does love ups and downs. In this case, even if one's love is true, the other's is false. Because the other is in love with money and establishment, not with the person.

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Everyone has not the same financial status throughout their lives. Married life has to cope with these ups and downs. Many times, financial deprivation leads to separation about opacity. You should discuss Economic issues beforehand. No matter how much love there is, the reality can understand by falling in love with the wrong person.


This is an in-depth article about why our relationship breaking up with someone we love. Even after love, why it causes a painful divorce or breakup? In this article, I have shared a total of 20 strong reasons for this issue. I hope you will be helpful through this article.

There are so many types of emotions in people's lives. Sometimes we feel alone, sometimes distant. All these polarizing emotions come back in turn. The feeling of constantly moving away creates a sense of separation. Once all these feelings are stored in mind, Separation may become the cause.

If you have any questions and extra ideas about this article, please let us know in the comment section. I think you like this article. If you like it, then please share this with your friends and let them know about this issue. We appreciate your response; drop a comment about your opinion for this post.

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