17 Great Advice: You Need to Know Before Marry Anyone

This is an in-depth post for a healthy marriage. Learn some effective ways that you must need to know before marry anyone.

What things does everyone need to know before marry anyone? What is the main thing behind getting married to a suitable person? How to find a perfect life partner? What is the pre diet plan before getting married? What do I need to know before getting married?


If you have any of these questions in your mind, here is your answer. In this article, you will get a complete guideline about choosing your best life partner. Things that are important to know before marrying someone.

You Need to Know Before Marry Anyone


You Need to Know Before Marry Anyone

Why Do People Get Married? 

Marriage protects human society from meeting illegal biological needs? In the same way, unparalleled love is created and meets the biological needs of both men and women. The center of this love begins with the development of human society.


From this love, when the child comes from both of them, their love becomes more profound. They become strong for the welfare of their child. With the welfare of the child, the necessary materials and beautiful human civilization are developed.


Hospitals for good health, schools, colleges, universities, madrasas, etc., for good education. To meet their daily needs, hats, markets, roads, mills, etc., were established. Park, playgrounds as much as necessary equipment developed for their mental improvement.


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In the next life, they build new human welfare materials by their intellect. Therefore, it is seen that this human civilization has developed around marriage and all the activities associated with it. Besides, there is no alternative to getting married to develop moral character and avoid meeting illegal biological needs.


Marriage forces people to follow the right path. A married man has a lot of responsibilities. Husbands and wives have a lot of responsibilities towards each other. Fulfilling this responsibility engenders affection for each other which affects all parts of society.

Marriage is a very sensitive issue in our subcontinent. Marriage is not just about a boy or a girl; it involves two families.


Some Essential Things You need to know Before Getting Married.


1) Health of the bride and groom: Before marriage, both parties should have a health check and let each other know about any health issues of the bride and groom. Nowadays, health check-ups are done by many educated couples, and it is slowly gaining popularity. If it is known in advance, then there is no question of conflict with this later.


2) Sexually Transmitted Disease: That is, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Today's children are far ahead in terms of sex. They have many experiences with sex before getting married. Not only that, most have experience with multiple partners.


The person who has an infection? No one verifies it! Meanwhile, they are getting married at the appropriate time. It is difficult to say whether the couple is infected with HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, or other sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, no one opens his mouth about this. Only a medical test can detect a hidden infection.


3) Mental illness: General medical tests do not detect psychological problems. But the truth is, it is very important to know whether a person is normal or not before marrying him. We need to check if he/she has any mental problems. To check this, one has to observe the conduct of the bride/groom.


You need to inquire about it from neighbors, friends, and office people. At the time of marriage, people do not say anything wrong about the bride and groom. But after marriage, the real form is caught. So, it is essential to know if the bride/groom has a mental problem. If necessary, you can talk to a psychologist.


4) Hemophilia: Everyone knows the story of Queen Victoria. I say a little to those who do not know. No boy in the Victorian dynasty could become king because everyone had hemophilia. It is a disease where girls are carriers.


Suppose a girl carrying hemophilia marries a normal boy. If they have a daughter, she will be a carrier, and if they have a son, she will be hemophilic. This disease does not cause blood clots. If it is cut in any way, it is a small wound; then it is impossible to save that person.


5) Hepatitis-B: It is a deadly infectious disorder. If one of the spouses has this virus in their body, there is a risk of infecting the other. The disease can also be transmitted to the unborn child. It is one of the deadliest disorders. That is why blood tests should be done before marriage, whether the groom or the bride has hepatitis-B.


6) Attitudes towards family and relationships: This needs to be clarified before marriage; what are their views on family and relationships. Some may dislike being in a joint family, while others may dislike being in a small family.


There are also some families where the girl cannot have much contact with her family after marriage. These things need to be fixed by talking to each other before the wedding.


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7) Likes and dislikes: A man is a combination of good and evil. There is no such thing as what one person likes, what another person wants. Simply, disagreements can occur in anything.


The one with whom your marriage is fixed, what are the things that bother you, and what is the good stuff? It is very important to know before wedding. Then after marriage, the understanding is better, and the relationship becomes stronger.


8) A plan of savings and expenditure: Who is earning much money, and how much will it cost? How much will be saved? You should make a plan before marriage.


By doing this, you will understand how you should proceed and make a draft about the future. You can get an idea of how to save for buying your own home or for your children's education.


9) Plan for children: A couple should decide before marriage how many children they want and raise them. It is better to fix their education, values, and social behavior. Otherwise, there may be unnecessary conflict shortly. This is a bit of great marriage advice for couples.


10) Behavior: Does the boy/girl misbehave with family members? You need to know how to treat his / her parents. A person who can't love or respect his parents, how can he/she love his life partner?


Is he/she know How to love a family? So, it is necessary to know about the family behavior of both before marriage.


11) Headaches with the past: I suggest you to avoiding the past completely. The past of a man can never judge the present. Regardless of his 1/2 love in the past, what is the harm? For, "the first being of someone is" satisfaction, "and the last is" victory. " At present, he/she will be yours, right? Only yours! So, you decide to keep him in love forever.


12) Kindness of this person: You should take a look at his/her kindness. How he/she deals with those, who are less well off financially and socially from their position.


For example, people who help with household chores. It is important to know how to deal with helpless people. If a kind person is looking ugly, but he/she is beautiful in character. A handsome looking unkind person may not be good in character.


You should know about his character and kindness, not about his wealth or smartness. Finding a kind person is one of the essential things in marriage. It is impossible to spend a lifetime with an unkind person.


13) Whose money will be spent in the family: This question is also essential if both the bride and groom earn. In whose sense the family will continue. Whose money will be saved for the future?


If the subject is clear from the beginning, marital strife can be avoided. How much money need to spend on the other members of the family? And discuss who will do it.


This will give a clear picture of your married life. You can easily understand whether you have to spend 30 days in a month. If you have money to watch pictures in a theater on the 25th of the month. You can get a clear idea about it.


14) Where will stay after marriage: Both parties need to know the answer to this question. Especially if both of you work, then you need to know where you will stay after marriage.


It is also good to make it clear that you will be separated or stay with your family. If you know in advance, you will be able to adjust yourself after marriage.


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15) Within how many days of marriage do you want children: In this case, it is very important to have a consensus between the two. Problems can arise if two people think differently. That is why it is better to settle the matter by discussing it in advance.


16) Does your partner have any problems with your lifestyle: You love to party late into the night. And your partner gets up at dawn and does yoga exercises. So, what's the tension? Just find out if there are any problems with each other in these cases. If not, then you can understand the situation and maintain the same lifestyle as before.


17) Blood group: It is very important to know the blood group of both before marriage. Future generations will come depending on this blood group. A little reversal can lead to serious problems with the future child.


What should be the blood type of husband and wife? Before discussing that, we need to know something about blood groups.


Mainly blood groups are divided into two parts. One is the ABOsystem (A, B, AB & O). Another is the Rh factor. Rh factor is again of two types: Rh positive (+ ve) & Rh-negative (-ve).


That is, the Rh factor will determine whether the blood group will be positive or negative. Blood groups are: A + ve, A-ve, B + ve, B-ve, AB + ve, AB-ve O + ve, O-ve.


What Should be the Blood type of Husband and Wife?


If the husband's blood group is negative, then the wife's blood group must be positive or negative. But if the husband's blood group is positive, then the wife must also be one of the positive blood groups.


In no way should the wife's blood group be negative. In other words, it is safe for a woman of a negative blood group to marry only a man of a negative blood group. It is essential marriage advice for couples.


In addition to the things mentioned above, some other small things need to be known. Everyone should know a person well before deciding for him. After the test of the following issues, you can make a permanent decision about the relationship.


• How does your future life partner deal with the hotel waiter?

• Does the light or fan switch off when leaving the room?

• Is he/she use the word sorry or thank you in normal speaking?

• Does the mobile phone control his life, or does he/she control the mobile phone?

• How empathetic?

• How much materialistic happiness does he/she have?

• Want to drink coffee in a good store? Or can he/she enjoy good coffee from anywhere?

• How sincere about time management?

• Is he/she cut nails with her teeth?

• Where did he/she put the TV remote?

• Is she use the elevator more than stairs?

• When you start a book, does he/she finish it?

• How sympathetic is he/she to his family members?

• Does he/she spend his leisure time sleeping or creativity?

• How much he/she can control anger, stubbornness?

• Does he/she start abusing whenever gets a chance?

• Extortion or stinginess?

• Does she have a habit of reading books?

• Does she like to do her work?

• Smiling or not?

• Is he positive about his position?

• The person believes in personal freedom?

• Overly authoritarian?

• Can a person have the slightest respect as a human being?


You are finding answers to these questions in your partner. If you find many of them positive, you can think about marrying that person. Spend a lifetime with a man without knowing him? That is not possible. So do some testing about the man before marriage.


Your future will be better. People will not be happy anywhere if they cannot be happy in married life. So, find your happiness and peace before marriage.


If you are afraid of marriage, then this part of the post is also for you. Many of us are afraid to get married. But the family is forced to get married. If you are afraid to get married, see your problems and solutions here.


Afraid to Get Married?


Afraid to get married? The fear of getting married is called 'gamophobia.' Gamo in Greek means marriage, and phobia means fear, everyone knows. Gamophobia is the fear of getting involved in a wedding or any kind of permanent relationship.


People who are mentally affected by this phobia are terrified of new relationships. A fear works of married life. People with this type of phobia think his place of freedom may be diminished. Can he adapt with his partner? Have such a thought.


Why Gamophobia Occurs?


There may be various reasons. Many people who grow up in a broken family may have this phobia. They may have the idea that the relationship will not last. One day it will break.


In families where parents quarrel a lot, family members lose their temper; many may suffer from gamophobia. In many cases, after the breakup of true love, many are emotionally broken. No one feels his own anymore.


He can no longer trust anyone, at least for a committed relationship. Gamophobia can also occur in people who suffer from inferiority complex or excessive obsession with themselves.


Symptoms: People with gamophobia are usually quite indifferent to relationships. He wants to avoid any talk about the relationship. Besides, they dislike any marriage discussion.


They don't even want to go to the wedding. They quite dislike the formalities of marriage. They always think that getting involved is a wrong decision. Suffering from this indecision is also a symptom of gamophobia.


Remedy: Relationships are shattered before it is understood in many cases whether there is gamophobia. When someone is reluctant to commit, the way he is reprimanded, the way he reacts again, that's why the relationship becomes bitter.


As a result, the person suffering from gamophobia becomes more annoyed with the relationship. A person has lost a relationship for gamophobia. Others also start suffering from gamophobia at some point.


Anyone is interested in marriage, but tot wanting to be committed. The relationship cannot be ruined by doubting him from the beginning.


Many times, this phobia can be overcome by going to the counseling of psychologists. It is possible to get rid of gamophobia by taking medicine on the advice of a doctor.


If anyone realizes that he has gamophobia, then find out the cause first. Find out what changed your mind after the incident. Ninety percent of the fear will go away when you dare to face the fear again.


You have to give importance to yourself first of all during the marriage. Since marriage is a very personal matter, it should not be forgotten that your marriage is not a Bollywood movie.

Therefore, there is nothing so pompous. You have complete freedom to find a partner like yourself.


What are you thinking? Are you ready to get married now? If you are prepared and dare to get married, then you are welcome. Above, we know what you need to know about your partner before marriage, what to do if you are afraid of marriage.


Now we will learn how to prepare yourself for marriage? Mental strength, as well as physical strength and well-being, are required before getting into married life. Let's find out the pre-wedding diet plan.


How to Prepare Yourself For Marriage?


30 Days Diet Plan Before Marriage: 

Marriage is a special moment in life. And the main attraction of the wedding is the bride and groom. The bride and groom want to look their best on the wedding day.


However, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. In many cases, there is less time on hand. However, you can prepare yourself even if you have one month. The emotional stress of the couple increases centering on the marriage, which also affects the skin.


So, at this time, the stress should be reduced as much as possible. Eat as much oil-free food as possible to keep the skin looking good. It will not have the impression of fatigue on the face.


Besides, it is better to follow a proper eating or diet chart before marriage. It is important to stay fit at this time. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten more. This will make the skin look alive.


Usually, boys are more indifferent to their bodies. However, before marriage, boys need to have a proper diet and lifestyle.


So, it is essential to keep a list of foods that promote male hormone levels (testosterone). It increases fertility and helps to keep the body healthy and strong overall.


Just as the mind is good when the body is healthy, the healthy body brings the right energy, which keeps itself normal from marriage stress.


Many people are very worried about their physical constitution. Someone's thinking body is a bit fat, someone looks very thin, all this. This time before marriage can be easily fitted with a few changes.


For this, some changes have to be made in the diet a month in advance. Some foods need to be added, which are easy to digest and readily available.


Diet Plan for the Groom: 

Boys usually want to be a little fat before marriage. So, you can eat some fruits and vegetables a month before the wedding. Here are some of the qualities of the food.


 1- Banana: Vitamin-B6, Potassium, Calcium present in banana relieves fatigue and makes the body strong and lively.


2- Garlic: Garlic contains a substance called allicin, which keeps the body alive by keeping the blood flow properly.


3- Spinach: Folic acid and magnesium in spinach help to increase the activity of blood vessels.


4- Watermelon and beet: Among the fruits, watermelon and beet have a magical role in making marital life happy. The lycopene and beta-carotene present in it maintain the health of the blood vessels and are less likely to gain weight as they are low in calories.


The bride's diet plan: Girls often worry about being overweight. So, before marriage, it is seen to lean towards a little weight loss. In these cases, a proper diet should be followed. You can adhere to this food list to get fit in less time.


1- Morning:

·   Tea or coffee without milk.

·   2 loaves of flour.

·   1 bowl of boiled vegetables.

·   1 bowl of cucumber.


2- Mid-day: The white part of an egg and 1 pickled fruit.

3- Noon: 50-60 grams of rice. One bowl of fish or chicken broth. One bowl of vegetables and spinach, cucumber salad, one bowl of pulses, and 250 grams of sour yogurt.

4- Afternoon: Tea or coffee without milk, two or one bowl of mussels.


5- Night:

·   A bowl of green curry

·   A bowl of pulses

·   A piece of meat

·   A bowl of salad with sour yogurt


Never eat refined or shiny white flour foods, honey or syrup foods, sweet dried fruits, processed snack foods, or starchy vegetables (such as potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes). In addition, you must give up outside foods and keep an eye on the list of foods to keep enough vegetables and fruits.


Make it a habit to eat a variety of fruits in the morning instead of eating fast foods. Eat green tea and dried fruits in between work.


In addition, exclude carbohydrate-type foods (rice-bread) at night and put vegetables and protein-type foods (fish-meat-eggs-milk) on the list. Get enough water or liquid food and, of course, keep at least 30 minutes a day for exercise.

Author: Nutritionist


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Last But Not Least:

There is an urgent need for everyone to take this important decision of marriage. Hopefully, all of us who are suitable for marriage will take ourselves one step further with timely decisions.


All the work is being organized around the world centering on marriage. This marriage is silently playing a role behind all the actions.


Yes! There are still some people who are living without this marriage. This number is deficient. There is a big difference between those who have children out of wedlock and those who have children illegally, which his actions reveal one day.

Each of the above is essential to know before marriage. There are also some things that you can do to make your marriage life romantic.

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This is a complete in-depth article and the best advice about marriage for those who want to get married. Everybody needs to know that great advice before marrying anyone.

In this article, I have shared everything from beginning to end before getting married. Now it's your turn to apply those ideas and get the best result through this. I hope you will be benefited from this article.


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