50 Interesting Facts About Love: Know-Before Falling in Love

Do you want to know some interesting facts about love? If you're going to be involved in love, you must have some basic knowledge about love. What is the secret thing to a successful love affair? What should know before falling in love?

Do you want to know some scientific formula for perfect love? In this article, you will be able to understand 50 known and unknown facts about love.
So, let's get started.

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interesting facts about love

Funny and Interesting Facts About Love:


In this section, I have shared 25 funny and most interesting facts about love and relationship. If you are interested to learn those facts, please read this article.

We all fall in love, but If I ask someone how much knowledge about love actually you have? They didn't perfectly answer me. So, let's gain some knowledge about love.

1. Studies show that every boy falls in love 6 times before he getting married.

2. The word "love" comes from Sanskrit' lubhyati', which means desire, and it is a common word used in the music world.

3. There is a connection of the heart with the Ring finger. That's why a wedding ring is always taught on the ring finger.


4. Rose is a symbol of love, and its different colors carry different meanings of love. Red Rose- True Love, Light Pink Rose- Desire; Aspiration, love, and yellow rose is a symbol of friendly relationships.

5. Men are more interested in girls who have a waist circumference of about 70 percentage.

6. A husband who kisses his wife every morning lives five years longer than others.

7. People who fall in love with a new person have reduced serotonin production of a hormone. As a result, the mind becomes a little bored or suffers from depression.

8. Most break-ups occur within 5-6 months of the love affair.

9. The Great fact about being in love is always close to your partner. Due to this, love is more likely to happen in college or varsity.

10. Statistics show that real lovers start kissing from the right cheek of their loved one.


11. 40-60% of homicides are committed by their boyfriends or husbands.

12. Many cultures use thread or rope to symbolize eternal love, which means love has no beginning and no end.

13. The feelings of happiness in love do not last for more than 1 year. Because the human brain can't recreate these feelings of happiness.

14. Kama Sutra (Love + Rules) is a Sanskrit ancient book on love written by A.D. Kama.

15. Some countries have a code called the love dress code. Which allows you to understand what stage a person is in love.


'Red dress' means bound in love with someone.

'Pink dress' means still free and single.

'Orange dress' means waiting for someone.

'Yellow dress' means ready to make friends.

'Blue dress' means on the way to propose to someone.

'Green dress' means has accepted your proposal.

'White dress' means Instructions, not to bother.


16. If you have sex with your loved one, love does not increase or decrease.

17. The flowers sold on Valentine's Day, 73% were bought by boys and the remaining 27% by girls.

18. In 1536, King Henry VII of England- officially declared February 14 as Valentine's Day.

19. 2 out of 5 people can marry their first lover.

20. Each person kisses for an average of 20,160 minutes in their lifetime.

21. Mathematical formula for love: I (5 + 5) VE. Y (5-5) U. = I LOVE YOU.

22. Starting from falling in love, a couple needs a minimum of 6 dates to build a physical relationship, where Americans have sex on the first date.

23. There is such a world love day for couples. Similarly, for those who do not have a loved one, "Single Day" is celebrated in the third week of September in the U.S.

24. Eye contact is a very powerful and primary tool to attract girls.

25. If the reason for love is that the girl is very beautiful, it is called infatuation. If the reason for love is that you have kissed the girl, it is called inferiority complex.

If the reason for love is that the girl can't live without you or suffer, it is kindness. If the reason for love is that you share everything with the girl, it is called friendship.


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5 Unknown Facts About Love


Dedication of love is always full of life, and there is no end to the research about it. One such study was reported a few days ago, where researchers introduced 5 topics.

Researchers claim that no one is aware of these 5 things about love. Therefore, their research is to make people aware of unknown information.
Here are 5 things to know:

1. Love is not a personal emotion. The emotional feeling of love should not be considered as a personal feeling of a person. Research has shown that when you feel love for someone, the reflection of each other is reflected.

The eyes of two partners, the pull of biochemistry, and the spark of fire embodied in the nerves make this reflection. So, love is a mutual biological wave that flows in the body-mind-soul of both couples at the same time.

2. Love by securing the communication between the brain and the heart. Many people often say that people who understand society and social issues well live a long life. Why it happened is still unknown.

New research has found that when a group of people is asked to feel their love moments in their daily lives, their cranial nerve lifespan increases. This cranial nerve is the key to the connection between the brain and the heart.

3. The feeling of love is not the suppression of something negative. If you think that love is just a transaction of happiness between two people, you are doing wrong. Love is also radiated from the painful feelings of the two.

Suppressing any negative emotion is not a feeling of love. In fact, mutual sympathy or sympathy for the whole psychic essence of the two is the name of love. Love is the combination of each other's generosity and mutual feelings.

4. Love is never a hindrance. When it comes to love for your friends or family or anyone else, it is never a hindrance in the depths of the mind. The love that exists in your mind, you will never be prevented from growing in size from the depths of your mind.

This feeling will spread unhindered to your body and mind, and its structure will remain active as long as you feel safe.

5. Changing the way you think about love will change your capacity. If you can think for a while about your personal or professional life, you will see a sudden change in your thinking about many things.

If you spend some time every day with the people you love, you will see that many complex fields will suddenly turn into new possibilities. Then the definition of love will catch you anew.

So those who have complications in their minds start practicing this work from today.


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20 Scientific Formulas of Perfect Love.


When we go to find happiness about love, we become sore. Many people cannot establish a happy relationship at all. Many times, a peaceful relationship deteriorates day by day without any reason. Where is the solution to this problem?

Science has solved many things; this time provides the solution to love! Scientists have calculated 20 characteristics of absolutely "perfect," happy, and contented love in response to this challenge! Want to know what they are?

1- Do Not Text: Couples who love, quarrel, and settle quarrels through mobile text messages are never happy in their relationship. When you're using a mobile phone, "call" your loved one, or leave everything and go to meet him or her directly.

Stop constantly texting your loved one. Remember, a minute phone call is better than a 100-text message.

2- Childless: It is surprising to hear that childless couples are happier. But it is the specific report of the whole world. However, it is more likely that it will not apply to some countries. Example: India/Bangladesh/ Pakistan.

3- Married or Unmarried: Whether you get married or not, happiness is the same for married and unmarried couples. There is no reason to think that marriage will increase or decrease satisfaction. If love is correct, it will remain intact even after marriage.

4- A Little Quarrel: Sometimes, quarreling makes the relationship deeper. Cute quarreling creates love sweeter and strong trust.

5- Younger Child with Older Child: It has been found out after much in-depth research. If one of the members of the relationship is the eldest child of the family, he will be able to look after the next partner. If the other is the youngest child of his own family, he will enjoy that care.

6- Can Not Have Monotony: The relationship with monotony or boredom will not last; it can be said with closed eyes. So, never keep redundancy in your mind. It will be better for your love and relationship.

7- Doing Housework Together: Sharing housework responsibilities has improved the relationship very well. If you want to keep your relationship healthy and strong, then do housework with your partner.

8- Homosexual, Or Feminist: Homosexual couples are usually seen to be happy. Not only this, with the help of ordinary men and women, even if the man is a feminist, the relationship is satisfied.

9- Beautiful Women and Ugly Men: Not exactly ugly, but men cannot be as beautiful as women. The relationship between less attractive men and quite attractive women became a perfect and cute couple.

10- Do Not Play Online Game: It may sound a little strange to hear, but nowadays, many people like to play online games. Science has shown that relationships with those who are accustomed to playing such games do not last.

So, stop playing online games to waste time. Give those free time to your loved ones; it will make your life peaceful.

11- The Same Kind Of People: Your relationship with very different people from you will be quite troublesome. So, choose a partner who understands you properly.

12-Don't Have Too Many Mutual Friends on Facebook: If your circle of friends is different, your relationship will last longer.

13- Same Cost / Stingy: One is quite stingy, the other likes to spend a lot - such a relationship will never last. Find the right partner before being involved in a relationship.

14- Physically Active: It is scientifically proven that couples who are active in physical relationships stay together for a long time. So, take care of your psychical and mental health.

15- Slow-Moving Relationship: If you become anxious to establish a physical relationship with your partner at the beginning of the relationship, then it can be said that the relationship will not last. So, move slowly for a physical relationship.

16- It Is Important to Rest: Couples who get enough rest between their life and work have a good mood and are happy in the relationship.

17- Well-Educated: A pair of well-educated (college or university graduates) couples are usually prudent and do not seem to break up unnecessarily.

18- Rejoicing In Each Other's Success: Many people are jealous of their partner's success. When the opposite happens, the relationship is more likely to survive when you are happy with your partner's success.

19- The Same Kind of Sense of Humor: If your partner does not laugh at the jokes you say, would you like it? Or if she thinks a simple word is a joke, you will not like it. For this reason, the two want to have a sense of humor.

20- Alcohol Level: The partner drinks alcohol, but you do not. Or you do, but she doesn't. In such a situation, your relationship can have a crack.


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The best advice from the life of a young person who creates meaningful love needs to mention. He is Natt Bagley, a young American. Listening to the love story has raised his mind. At one point, however, he became interested in scandals and divorces and in fairy tales.

He sat down like a boy. He quit his job and went out with some savings. The goal and purpose are - to find love stories by going around different ends. During this visit, he has interviewed countless couples from all over the United States and brought out about 100 outstanding stories of true love.

Bagley said - I have heard the stories of many homosexual couples, typical, huge rich, extremely poor. There is also a pair of pious and atheists. Have been a love partner for a very short time or have found a loving couple who still love each other a lot after seventy years.

He has the experience of polygamous lovers, including pigeons who have run away and got married or married the family's choice. He plans to make a documentary about this massive collection of true love stories.

Today's article shared the extraordinary experiences or suggestions he had about love relationships on this trip. "This tour has given me the most amazing experience," said Natt Bagley, the key to the successful outcome of the relationship. I got some basic education from this journey.



The Key to A Successful Love Affair:


1- Love Yourself: The most successful couples have healthy emotions, and everyone is happy independently. They look at their partner in the same way they love themselves.

At least not entirely, but there is no shortage of effort. Healthy emotion is - learning to forgive, realizing one's mistakes in any argument or debate, and taking responsibility for one's own mistakes.

2- Always Keep Promise: The practice of healthy emotions teaches love and keeps the promise to all couples. In this case, everyone knows very well, no matter how bad things go, there will be no movement in words given to each other.

And this part is much more vital than everything. It is the best key to a successful relationship.

3- Trust and Faith: Happy couples always trust each other. Because they have gained the trust of one another. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

They have already found evidence that one is the most faithful companion of the other. So, it can say that faith and trust are key to a perfect relationship.

4- The Desire to Express Oneself To Each Other: This is like a delicious cream spread on a cake. It makes the cake yummier. It can be expressed in many ways.

There are many differences between lovers struggling in the rain and running under a nearby tree to escape the rain. Similarly, there is a difference between kissing a couple for ten seconds and saying goodbye with just Tata.

People in love extend a hand of personal advice or cooperation to one another in any crisis. In this way, they move towards another person in one way or another.

The best advice I like is the advice of one woman on this trip, said Natt. That old woman Georgia. They are a happy couple who have been in love for 60 years.

Georgia went on to say, "Never be afraid to be the one who gives away the most love." The most effective ways to solve these are-

Don't Fight to Win: A variety of issues have arisen between a number of topics. In any problem, everyone should argue with a goal. That is, to go for a solution. If you don't have honesty, you will feel guilty even after winning.

Trying to understand: Understanding your partner in difficult times will bring good results. First, you need to know why another person is frustrated. The two usually become frightened during extreme fights.

The storm of harsh comments or questions continues at this moment. As a result, the two move away from the arguments. So, the opposite one should listen and stay calm. One has to listen and try to understand the other person.

Use polite words: No matter how much you argue, it is very bad to swear here. If you have respect for each other, you have to give up this fight. The most beautiful word of love on tour Among the countless love words on the tour of Bagley,

The one I liked the most was - 'At the end of our lives, I have the ability to tell him that you are the best blessing of my life. And that's why I'm so lucky because of your love. Every day of my life, I wanted to love you more. '


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This is a detailed article about some interesting facts about love that you must know before falling in love with someone. In this article, I have shared a total of 50 interesting love facts.

The scientific formula of perfect love and the key to a successful love are the most amazing things you must know.

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