12 Great Christian Marriage Facts: Absolutely You Should Know

Christian marriage facts must need to learn every Christian couples. It will help you to get married wisely and keep your married life blissful.

Do you want to know some Great Christian marriage facts? How is Cristian and Catholic Marriage organized? What is the secret behind long-lasting Christian Marriage?

If you are a catholic person, you should know those fantastic facts about biblical marriage. I hope this article can help you to know more about Christian Marriage.

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Great Christian Marriage Facts


Great Christian Marriage Facts


The Importance of Marriage:

Every child is not a child of the King, but every child of God is. God created marriage for the ultimate purpose of making two people one flesh. Without this, our lives would be incomplete.

He knew that we are coming from broken family backgrounds, so marriage is a means of repairing the family's brokenness. If we keep God's commandments, we will be able to bring each other into a state of holiness and complete forgiveness.


1-Marriage will be valid only under the following conditions

they are...

1- The groom must be at least 21 years old.

2- The bride must be at least 18 years old.

There will be an agreement between the two parties. This agreement must be free and voluntary and must be without any obligation, unreasonable influence or threat of violence. The marriage witnesses must have two reliable witnesses and a specially authorized marriage witness.

These marriages are performed According to the Christian Marriage Act of 1872. Christian marriage is a religious ceremony and a sacred covenant. In this marriage, writing and the registry is compulsory. 


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2-The steps required to register a Christian marriage are:


1-The full name and nickname of the bride and groom and the occupation or status.

2- Address of residence of the couple.

3- Proof of how long the couple has been living in the area.

4- Church or any other place of marriage.

Upon receipt of the notice, the church pastor will place the notice in an open space. So that the notice is visible to all. The notice will be hung for a few weeks so that if anyone has any objection, he can object.

If no objection is received, then the church will receive a declaration from the main wedding party. Will be-

1) There is no known kinship or blood relationship between the spouses of the marriage, so there is a legal impediment to their marriage.

2) Both the bride and groom are adults according to the law. At least 4 days after completing this announcement, the pastor of the church will issue a certificate to the marriage applicant. The marriage must be registered within 2 months of the issuance of the certificate.


The basic strategy of Chris marriage is shown above. Now the main fact to make a marriage long-lasting is given below. Those ideas are perfect for making every relationship long-lasting. Christian couples are always following those rules; that's why their marriage stays a lifetime.



Any couple who is not loving each other will have no capacity to have a successful marriage. They will just remain two people living together just for the sake of the fact that they are married. Love is not just about saying "I Love You" every time you want to express your feelings.

Love is what you do for your partner that shows you are concerned about his/her welfare and wellbeing. The rule of the No Compromise or I Won't Tolerate for I Care Rule or I won't accept compromise or live with you as a compromise.

Even if your spouse tells you to compromise and you think that he or she will bring about a drastic change in you, remember that you and your spouse will have a different understanding in real life.



1. Commit to the Lord. The wife is to commit to the Lord and love the husband with all her heart.

2. Be committed to the Lord. This is very crucial if you are a Christian husband. He needs to be committed to the Lord so he could find a good woman who would be devoted to the Lord.

3. Love Him at all times. Every wife must show love for her husband. Her husband loves the Lord, and she should also love him in Jesus' name.

4. Give your husband honor and respect. Honesty, loving to do the good, respect, tolerance, and understanding are some of the ways to respect your husband.

5. Trust Him. She must trust the Lord, and He will give her what she needs. God will never give her a situation where she will be disrespected. Fruits of a good marriage.



People make money by doing one or more of the following: Purchasing a good or service, gaining money through someone else's good or service, working. So, it is important to be giving to your spouse and not greedy and want more for yourself.

It is important to give the person his/her rightful share of your money, even though you are the one with most of the money. You will be happy that your spouse will respect you for that and not fight over it, as you are getting the most of it.

The Bible says: Marriage is a gift from God. The man must take the woman as his wife in the sight of the Lord. The woman must accept the man as her husband in the sight of the Lord.



A couple should speak to each other in order to discuss every problem and big or small issues in their relationship. Each of you must communicate with each other and listen to each other's points of view.

When you have been married for a long time, your arguments will eventually lessen. Caring and support when you have experienced that you love and care for each other. You will be able to love and support each other even when you have disagreements or arguments.

Honesty If you are both being honest in your relationship, you can avoid many problems. You both will be able to understand and respect each other. If you are dishonest, you will have a lot of conflicts in your relationship.


7- Sex and Intimacy

The Bible clearly says that sex should only happen between a man and a woman in a marriage. That means if you love your partner, you should make sure that he or she knows you love him. Be faithful to one another.

1 Timothy 5:22-23 - I advise you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God — this is your true and proper worship.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Love God above all things and love each other, 1 Corinthians 13:13 - For now, we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

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8- Respect

Christian couples respect each other as long as they are both ready to learn and obey the church's rules. But if they want to date and marry you and then start exploiting you, then it means they are not respecting you.

They must respect you as a person first and then as their spouse. They have to respect you as they respect the other man in their life. Be available as soon as they start dating; Christian couples must be available for you to build your confidence in them.

When you want to be treated with respect and love, you must be available to be treated with that same respect. You can't just jump into things and start dating them without them even being available to be engaged with you. You need to make them willing to have a relationship with you.


9- Trust

If you don't trust each other, it means that you can't build a loving, faithful and trustworthy relationship. A few examples of how trust can develop in a relationship is when you are driving in the car, and it rained all the water, you see water everywhere, but you don't have any doubt that the car will drive safely.

Trust is the foundation of a good marriage, and all that stems from the trust is a strong and successful marriage. Be open to each other's feelings. If you want to have a long-lasting relationship, you need to be open to your partner's feelings, especially when they are emotional.

In today's relationship, it's very easy to be too sensitive about your partner's feelings or even to not accept them when they are genuine.



Acceptance of each other will help you in having a happy family. If you do not accept your husband and wife unconditionally, you won't be having a healthy relationship. The key to marriage is letting go. Acceptance will help you in having a loving and long-lasting marriage.

Respect Every husband and wife; you must respect each other to have a peaceful life. Respect is a huge one that will keep your marriage happy and long-lasting. Periodic Check-Ins. Many times, couples lose touch with each other because they don't talk to each other.

The purpose of checking in with your spouse is to check your mood. So, help each other stay close to each other.


11- Forgiveness

In the era of Facebook and Twitter, one has so many opportunities to get linked to people. Do not lose your mind and forgive your spouse for past mistakes. Forgiving means you are giving up the right to be angry.

When you forgive your spouse, it will pave the way for a relationship with the spouse. After forgiveness, your spouse will have more trust in you, and your relationship will be stronger.

Responsibility and trust go hand in hand in marriage. If your spouse has made a mistake, do not blow it out of proportion and get angry with him. Just forgive him and move on. Do not show that you are dependent on the spouse.

Forgiving your spouse will make your relationship stronger. Trust each other; when it comes to the importance of trust, there is no second thought.


12- Christian Marriage Rituals:

1-Bride selection: The first thing that is done in a Christian marriage is the selection of the bride. The groom usually chooses the bride knowing the bride's character, faults, and lineage.

2- Proposal: After liking the bride, seeing the good day, the groom goes to the bride's house. He states his intentions and proposes marriage.

3- Engagement: If the bride and groom agree, an engagement ceremony is arranged. On the occasion of engagement drink, betel nut, an odd number of fish are arranged.

4- Receiving Blessings: On this occasion, the people of the groom's party go to the house of the bride. Which is fixed beforehand of the marriage. The bride and groom present at the ceremony received the blessings of all.

5- Name writing: 3 weeks before the wedding, the bride and groom write their names to the priest at the bride's house. Many people set fireworks and music during the event.

6- Ban reveals: In this ceremony, the bride and groom take the final marriage decision. According to the rules of the church, the marriage class has to be held at this time. This is a pre-marital class.

7- The Evil Eye: From writing the name to the time of marriage, the bride and groom have to live a very modest life. Many people wear 'rosary garlands' or 'beads' around their necks to protect themselves from the eyes of ghosts and evil spirits.

8- Pick Up the Bride: On the morning of the wedding, the groom's relatives, along with the band, go to the bride's house and bring her back. When the bride is brought from home, she is given money.

When the bride comes home, she throws the money into the house. This means that even though he is leaving the house, Lakshmi is not leaving the house.

9- Church Ceremony: At the beginning, the priest receives the bride and groom at the church entrance. Then the bride and groom are exchanged. Then the bride is dressed in vermilion.

10- Take Home: In this ceremony, the bride and groom are made to stand on a big pedestal facing the yard. Then the bride and groom walk around in white and red sari and go home. At this time, the bride and groom hold each other's little fingers.


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